England · Patchy's Adventures


Mansfield3A quick day out in the Midlands town of Mansfield, mostly for Christmas shopping. It was the first time I went out with my new draw string bag with ‘Time Lord’ written on it. Made by a good friend of mine, it’s lovely but apparently a ‘prototype’, if you can have a prototype bag that’s already been designed and used by lots and lots of people.

Mansfield1Anyway, I did make my customarily trip to Costa and tried their special Bonfire Spice Hot Chocolate. It was amazing by the way and I hope they bring it back next year, if not I might try to make it myself.

Mansfield is your run-of-the-mill Nottinghamshire town but has a shopping centre which I was not expecting. Although it’s not Trafford centre size, it’s more a good number of shops that happen to be indoors. I had no idea that they had such shops as Debenhams and HMV. Very different from my home town that’s overflowing with bargain shops.

Anyway, it was a nice excursion for the day to try and do Christmas shopping and of course a nice Hot Chocolate.

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