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Edwinstowe1Robin Hood’s village is next to Sherwood Forest and is called Edwinstowe and they fully embrace that association. You can acutally walk from the edge of Sherwood Forest into Edwinstowe, which is what I did. It’s a very small town/village and it doesn’t take long until you’re on the main street. I found a fish resturant called ‘Robin Hood Plaice’ and what I assume is a pizza place called ‘Pizza Hood BBQ Grill’.

Edwinstowe4Further along the street is a statue of Maid Marion and Robin Hood. It’s a bit bizarre to it’s placing as it appears to be outside a 1960s library, although it might not be. I think Robin’s proposing to Marion but I’m not sure about that either.

There’s not really more to Edwinstowe than this, a couple of gift shops and a pie shop. If you’re a Robin Hood fan it’s worth a visit but beyond that it’s just your run-of-the-mill quaint Midlands village.

‘You know, you could look happier about this Robin.’

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