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Sherwood Forest

The visitors centre 2018

I finally went to Sherwood Forest! I love forests and parks! Especially on a cold day like this one was. They’ve been trying to build a new visitors centre at Sherwood for at least 10 years according to my friends, what you see in the photo on the left is what the centre looked like. It looks a bit worn and as if it’s been around since the 80s. When I went they were building the new one which I think is open now.

Robin Hood

They had two statues around this area, one of Robin Hood and one of Litttle John and Robin Hood fighting. I must admit I’m not too familiar with the Robin Hood legend, I know the basics, Robin Hood robbed from the rich to give to the poor and fought the Sherrif of Nottingham (as well as that Robin Hood episode from Doctor Who). So I assume Robin and Little John fight at some point.

Sherwood2The paths through the Forest were pretty short and sweet. I don’t know whether they’ve changed it since but you get round the entire Forest in about 20 minutes. The Forest was also a bit sparse, but I went in Winter so no surprise there.

When you go to Sherwood Forest you have to go and see the Major Oak, which might not actually be the Major Oak but is big enough to convince you it is. Ok, I’m a bit cynical about this but it is an interest tree to look at.

Sherwood4There’s a lot of poles around it holding up a lot of the branches, you sort of wonder whether it’s worth keeping the tree up. It’s an impressive tree, i.e. it’s huge.

I hope that with the new visitors centre they add more area to the Forest to explore. Oh and that the visitors centre is better than it was. I spent quite a long time in the gift shop trying to find a Robin Hood outfit my size. Didn’t find one but a friend has prmised to make one for me. Maybe it’ll take less time than my water proofs.

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