England · Patchy's Adventures


Hastings8It was raining when I went to Hastings. It was one serious downpour that day. I spent most of it helping a friend find some birthday presents in the town centre, specifically the indoor shopping area.

In the middle of helping out with birthday presents I did pick up the complete First series of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston on offer in HMV. They were selling them all off cheaply, probably in preparation for the next series.

No coffeee shop has a size for me

Hastings5After all the shopping we found ourselves at a Costa. I ordered a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. I had to share it though, the mug was bigger than I was and each marshmallow was as big as my head. So, maybe not the best idea I’ve ever had but it did warm me up.

Hastings3After Costa it was straight back to the car, but not until I got a picture with the pier and the beach. When we got into the car I did just want to go home, but someone had the bright idea of staying out in the torrential rain for even longer so not really having the wilpower to argue with the driver of the vehicle and knowing that I’d lose anyway (even if I was right), I went up to where the Castle was. We ended up in the Smugglers Caves. It’s caves underground with mannequins dressed as smugglers and various activities. They chart the basic history of the caves from smugglers using it to World War 2 when the caves were used as air raid shetlers but they focus heavily on the smugglers. It would be nice if they actually gave you more about other parts of the history. I’m sorry, but smugglers are actually very boring or maybe I’m just too old for this. I am 13, nearly 14. The lights made it very gloomy so you couldn’t really see in front of you and it didn’t help that a lot of kids had torches which they shone about without discrimmination. I got blinded several times, which isn’t good for someone who’s photophobic. I’ll say this for them though, it’s good for kids.

SainsburysAfter that we went home, although our driver got lost and decided to take us on a tour of a Sainsburys’ car park. She didn’t want the occupants of the other car to know, but I’m a telltale (I run a blog, that’s my excuse, wouldn’t be interesting otherwise), so I got photo evidence.

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