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Thai Orchid, Battle

ThaiOrchid1Whilst in East Sussex I went out with some friends to a resturant called Thai Orchid in Battle. It was a really nice place.

We had a shared starter of tempura battered squid, tempura prawns, chicken satay skewers, prawn srping rolls and some BBQ ribs. I had one of each. I loved the squid the best because, well, I really like squid. The satay was different to what you get in at a chinese, it was spicy and amazing, I prefered these ones to the chinese take away ones.

After that we had a dish each with jasmine rice. I chose Thai Green curry with chicken. It was far spicier than what I’m used to but I loved it. I mixed it in with the rice so it took away some of the spice. Apperently they don’t put in as much spice as they would normally, however this was still spicy enough for everyone else who love spice. If you’re used to shop bought stuff in jars you need to try this, it has so much flavour to it that I cannot describe it.

ThaiOrchid3Afterwards we had dessert and I had Mango sorbet, which was far more flavoursome than any other sorbet I’ve tasted.

ThaiOrchid2One of my friends however tried Mango and sticky rice which might put you off as wierd. Which is what I thought however I tried a bit and it reminded me of porridge. Another of my friends said it was like rice pudding but personally I’ve never had rice pudding so I wouldn’t know.

All in all it was a nice evening. If you’re in the area and want Thai food I would definately recomend this place.

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