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Herstmonceux Castle

HeauxmouxCastle17Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex is certainly an interesting place, ok it’s really odd. You pay at a gate outside the car park to go into the grounds and then you pay at the Castle entrance for a tour of the Castle. We didn’t go in, as once you’ve seen one castle you’ve seen them all. The grounds however were very interesting and I had a good explore.

HeauxmouxCastle16They had a rose garden that seemed to be devoted to sundials as well, there was a massive one in the middle of the garden. When I went in a couch load of OAPs turned up with thier walking sticks and walkers. It’s better than loads of school kids running round. At one stage I heard a Peacock and couldn’t work out where it was. Turned out it was hal way up a tree, didn’t even know they could fly. Well you learn something new everyday. There was also a Peahen running about.

HeauxmouxCastle9It was a very hot day and I wanted to have a paddle in a tiny pond that was just the right size for me but decided against it when lunch was mentioned. My friends had packed a picnic and we each had a pork pie, which I as usual had to share with someone. They’d packed some sweet chilli peanuts and had a couple, even though I’m really susceptible to spice, they were really nice but you couldn’t eat many at one time.

The Magic Garden

They also have something called a Magic Garden. I don’t know what it was supposed to look like when well tended but this garden looked a little dead when I went. Most likely due to the recent heat wave England had been through, so it probably hadn’t been watered in a while. The whole garden was covered so that probably didn’t help. They did have some giant wooden mushrooms that I could sit on.


HeauxmouxCastle21There were a lot of cheasnut trees as well, I managed to get a photo of me sitting in a hollow in one of them as many were very old, some were from the 1700s. One was very twisted because it was struck by lightning but I couldn’t tell which one it was as they were all like that.

I also found a wooden squirrel, not sure why it was there, there was nothing to explain why it was there. There was a cartoon squirrel underneath it in the style of other signs I’d seen around, so maybe it’s kids activity. It’s a nice place and I’m glad I went.


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